Things with Wings



I try to resist my inner seventh-grade girl voice. But she can be loud and persistent when it comes to glitter and butterfly wings. Look around the scrap booking and art journaling world and you will see how both abound. No offense to either of those camps. I just hate to be cliche and predictable.

And yet…

I kept having this nagging desire to put butterfly wings on everything. I finally gave in and carved a set. I stopped at one design even though I really wanted to do some night moths as well.

I saved on materials by doing the left and right wing on the opposite sides of the same stamp. (More in a later post about my lessons on reversing images – painfully learned!) this will only work if you use a thick enough rubber base. I found some Master Carve on E-Bay, a material no longer made or commercially sold. Very sad, too, because it is as good as all the antiquated reviews claim.


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