Wild Birds of San Antonio



My sister sent me this picture of an emu from a safari-style animal park outside San Antonio, of all places. It is the kind of park you drive through and drop pellets for the animals out your window. Only problem is that the animals have been there long enough and seen enough cars go through to know the drill. Many of them forgo the nicety of waiting for the food to be dropped and just stick their heads right in the window. To avoid being mauled by massive beaks and zebra teeth, you start tossing pellets as fast as possible in handfuls as far as you can from the vehicle.

Anyway, This was the first stamp I tried from original content. It is and interesting challenge to choose which details to include in order to capture the character. I pay closest attention to the eye(s). They express so much. Also, stamps are finite by nature so you can’t fade out. There is a clear delineation of where the image starts and stops. So, I had to figure out how to incorporate the wispy feathers giving him a soft effect.


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