Counting Sheep



There were so many options for these sheep. Tigers, mummies, an old woman sipping tea in bed. I often find myself stalling, waiting for the “perfect” fit for a collage. I have to will myself just to paste something down. When I do I remember “there is always more.” Yes, some combinations are better than others, but the permutations are endless. So, just glue it and move on.


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  1. This is great! I just did my first collage tonight, thanks to you inspiring me. I was having a hard time choosing and glueing down because I kept thinking “what if this would work better somewhere else?” Thanks for pointing out that you just need to “glue it and move on.” I have been studying your collages trying to figure out how you begin. Do you begin with one background picture to set the scene? Where does the cohesiveness come from? Also, what is two part collage?

    • Yay for starting to collage! Please send pics. I wish I could say I had a deliberate method when I set out, but I’m a bit haphazard. I often start with an element that captivates me and has some mystery I want to answer. The story comes together when the piece “lands,” so to speak. With the sheep it was the other way around. They were the back ground on to which I super-imposed options. Each one would tell a different story/meaning. I don’t usually know exactly what I’m after and, for that matter, if I think I DO know what I’m looking for, I’ll surely end up somewhere else.
      Two-part collage is just a term I use if the work only has two juxtaposed elements. I started them as an exercise in simplicity when I was feeling cluttered. I got the idea from Martin O’Neill, a masterful collage illustrator.

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