This trio seemed so somber and colorless until I gave them this floral backdrop. I added the boy peering out from behind them, as well as a couple more blooms to integrate the depth.


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  1. It sure does look as if the two pig carts were together. I love the flower sniffing. Just that cart of pigs with a bouquet right up close to his nose would make another great picture. Can you re-use your components?

    >________________________________ > From: Paper Cut Illustrations >To: >Sent: Monday, January 28, 2013 9:53 PM >Subject: [New post] Day at the Market > > > >Leigh Lambert posted: “The man grasping his pig in the background is from an entirely different source than the pigs going to market. Of course, I added the tulip in the foreground because if that nose isn’t begging to be smelling something, I don’t know what!” >

    • Only the man holding his pig was added. The second cart is part of the original picture. I can only reuse am image if I find another issue of that particular magazine. A distinct possibility given that I got it at Wheaton library used bookstore where they roughly organize by date.

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