Circle Cutter Madness (a Round of Applause, please?)



Eeeek! I just got an EK Success Circle Scissor Pro for my birthday and I am in LOVE!!! OK, I should probably wait until I use it for more than one night to write anything, but I didn’t want my initial excitement and passion to wane.

I have long been frustrated and confounded at how to cut out perfect circles and rings. This may sound like a simple task, but if you cut them by hand using an outline you invariably end up with some irregularities. Just a hiccup here or there can interfere with the beautiful symmetry that is a circle.

This cutter allows you to create circles from 1″ to 6″ in increments of 1/16″. Compared to the individual cutters that come in static measurements, this flexibility alone makes me swoon.

I also am always delighted by tools that enable creativity. We’ve all seen the myriad of choices in the scrap booking aisle that produce uniform silhouettes of Christmas trees, or cats or such. These are fun and all, but really how many times am I going to use it? Circles and rings, on the other hand, are endless. My mind is still dancing with the possibilities.

And I promise I’m not getting kickbacks from the company (wish I were), but I am amazed at how well designed EK Tools are. They have thought about how someone will actually use them and adapted the details accordingly. For instance, the nob which you hold while cutting the circle is locked in place so you don’t have to concentrate on it slipping. It also cuts both right or left so you can begin either clockwise or counter-clockwise and the barrel you hold rotates so the movement is totally fluid. (There’s a video demonstration on their website that shows this clearly).

you will want to use a tempered glass under the cutter to make for frictionless motion. This can be purchased through EK as well if you don’t have something you can safely substitute. I’ll admit I indulged and bought one while I was up and going that way. It has the advantage of being gridded with measurements should you want to line things up.

I wish I had sample creations to share, but I didn’t have enough time in the studio tonight to do much more than take it for a test drive… and get really excited!!


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