Stream of Consciousness




This is an ongoing piece that I add to intermittently when I’m more moved by words than images. It is part of my larger dictionary project which has a life of it’s own and I will discuss further in future posts.

What I find intriguing is that the words themselves become a tapestry-like image and take on an odd importance in their ramblings. The only “rule” I impose on myself is that the lines come out of sequence from their source. In other words, I can’t use two lines in a row from any given article. The hunting for plausible grammatical links becomes a sort of worm hole I fall into. Certain phrasing can turn a noun into a verb, or vice versa.

It has an OCD quality that some of my favorite art exhibits. If you’ve ever been to the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore, a treasure trove of self-taught artists, it is this common thread that I most admire.

A shrink-friend told me, not at all unkindly, it reminded her of the rants of a schizophrenic. Here’s a sampling: 



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    • Wow! Thanks so much. That is extremely flattering. If you would really like one (framed or simply matted) I’d be happy to work on a commission for you. Let me know the dimensions you would like and I can price it out.

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