Biking Uphill




Finally, I carved the tricycle stamp I have been imagining in my head for ages. It is part of a project I am working on to illustrate a story I have written. I have been procrastinating for an embarrassing amount of time, trying to figure out ways of getting around my fear of drawing.

Collage and stamping come more naturally to me as mediums. However, I’m finding them challenging when it comes to creating specific images I have in my head for the story. Stamps by their very nature are static and repetitive. They operate more as wood cuts. Their repetition is too recognizable to be used often. Therefore, spending the time to carve something with the intention of using it once or twice makes me wonder about the investment (even though I have a pile of stamps I felt compelled to do that have been used precisely that number of times.)

Determined to wrestle with my fears – not necessarily confront them, but perhaps work around them – I continue to grapple with this self-created illustration project.


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