Windows to the Soul



In my long-term procrastination efforts, I have found the need to carve window stamps! When I wondered aloud to my mother recently as to why I was carving so many stamps (as opposed to laying out actual illustrations), her answer was simple: You love it. Thanks mom, for reminding me that we create for the shear joy of it and the wonder of seeing where it leads.

What excites me about windows is that I can now layer elements. Who or what is inside? With just a few different styles I can make a whole building! I’m still undecided on the ornate window whether to leave the few streaks on the panes. I like them for the stand alone stamp, but they may obscure images when I start layering. Because stamp carving is reductive, the streaks will stay for now, until they prove a problem.



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  1. I really LOVE these. They can be used on everything, create a (winking) window on books, paper, letters… And make whole compositions with the different drawings… Lov’m!!!

    • Thanks so much! Those are some great ideas in how to use them. I’m waiting for a chance to spread all my stamps out and see what comes together. I’ll post the results.

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