Wasting Time with Doodle Stamps



I hate waste. I can’t bring myself to throw away a scrap of stamp rubber bigger than a fingernail trimming. So I have a small tub of scraps collecting for… something. These two birds (or bird and fish-bird) were shapes I dug out of the pile. Sort of like the exercise of drawing a scribble with your eyes closed and then trying to make something out of it. It’s very freeing as well as satisfying to discover hidden creatures in a trash pile. (The thought bubble above the fish-bird that looks like a T-bone steak was a less successful “find.”)


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    • I love all your sheep. In fact, I have a small obsession with sheep wool rugs. Every year I get a new one from the Howard County Sheep & Wool Festival. If you want to send me a photo of your favorite sheep (or your favorite photo of sheep) I’ll use it as inspiration for a stamp.

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