Down the Garden Path



I couldn’t sleep last night. I started thinking about the two tones of yellow ink pads I had just gotten and how I wanted to inaugurate them (way better than counting sheep!). Sun? No, sunflower! I thought about how I could make a layered effect by stamping darker petals in the background and lighter ones over them. Then I thought about size and realized what I had in mind would take up a big chunk of rubber to carve. Then it occurred to me that If I made just a quarter of the petals I could rotate it to create the entire flower. I would do the center separately.

Ultimately, I made the petals a uniform color (Color Box pigment ink, curry). I’m feeling very smug about my frugality and *almost* justified in buying some new ink pads with the money I saved on rubber.

Interesting note: I found out accidentally that if you have pencil lead left on your stamp from carving marks they give a shadowed effect to your image. Obviously this only shows through when using lighter inks, but it could be good to know down the line.



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    • Yes, a friend of mine said it was like getting to glimpse behind the scenes at how the magic trick works, which was flattering. I thought I’d try to show it more when I have single stamps rather than compositions.

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