Black and White



Recently I’ve been interested in black and white, positive/negative space. It’s pretty much everything to a stamp. Yes, you can add color, but mostly you’re working with a graphic image. Contrast is key. (This is also predictable and perverse given that I just bought a bunch of new colored ink pads!)

These two are the first in a series of b/w animals I’m working on.



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  1. I like them both! The zebra has a bit of stockiness that I think Zebras actually have (not a horse with stripes – or as in Mexico a donkey with stripes). Yes the heaviness is right for a zebra – she is charming – beautiful image. The Penguins are too much – love the tail that balances them! Your are a wizard stamp-maker. Eventually you will use your colored inks again – when the mood strikes you!

    • You are so kind and encouraging. I took the picture of the zebra in San Antonio, Texas, of all places. They have a safari- style reserve you can drive through. Many of my more exotic creatures come from there. Not the penguins, of course. Though I’m reading a wonderful book called “Antarctica,” by Gabrielle Walker that helped inspire them. I’ve found procrastination and deviation are the source of much of my creativity.


      • Procrastination and deviation as a source of creativity! These are words I live by, but I could never had said it so so nicely. I am smiling!

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