Meet That Girl



I’m having so much fun! This character I’m creating is taking over my thoughts. Her name is Rosemary Weedleknocker. Further details are still being teased out, you might say. I’m still debating whether to draw in her face or use a varying stamp to change facial expressions. The merits of drawing it rather than stamping are the obvious time element, but equally the detail. When working that small (about the size of a quarter) it is hard to cram in a lot of fine lines. But I do love the quality stamping lends.

My blog followers will be the first to see the story unfold from behind the scenes. Stay tuned to see where Rosemary’s hair takes her.



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  1. I hope you will not feel I am putting down stamping, but I have to say I don’t think of your work as stamping, because when I think of stamps, I think hobby, and scrapbooks, and those things that the tellers at my father’s bank (in my childhood!) used to mark checks for processing with! No, I think of it as printing. Tiny little printing plates is what I think you are making.These are truly little pieces of art and how you layer and combine them is wonderful.

    I will be very interested to see what happens to this character.

    • Thank you Claudia. I have a similar problem with the word “stamping” and wish there were something “in between” that reference it better. I have a history of choosing craft techniques that are marginalized and therefore hard to reference in shorthand. I was an avid needlepointer, but because I designed my own pieces they bore no resemblance to “grandma’s” stuff. While it is harder to find a niche, because I’m neither fully here nor there, I am glad to create my own voice through it. Thanks again for the encouraging words.


      • Yes, this is very familiar to me. When I started doing art, I made fabric wall hangings. I don’t know how many times I heard that someone’s garndmother/mother/neighbor did the exact same thing! But I agree with you – you keep on doing what you like and not what others say or think about it, and you will be happy. That’s what counts.

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