Let Them Eat Cake!



There is a scene in the movie Marie Antoinette of a towering stack of brightly colored macaroons. It is drool-worthy. Almost as unbelievable as her hair. Who says she didn’t live with adversity? It couldn’t have been easy to balance that ungainly heap of horse hair on top of your head. Add to that a cinching corset and you have proof of a woman with real fortitude (and commitment to vanity).

Anyway, growing up Rosemary Weedlemeyer (I decided to change her last name) dreams of being Marie Antoinette. She yearns to control her coif and be admired for her locks.

Ever since Medusa, hair = power. Rosemary will find her own (hairy) expression, but until then she enjoys trying on other’s identities.

(You can see how I had to do another face stamp, as this hair-do requires a three quarter profile -shown above. Much more challenging than I expected. I’m much more comfortable with fur than faces, it would seem.)



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