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Family Games



“Despite Mr and Mrs Domino’s denial, young Mahjong was beginning to suspect she was adopted.”


Thoughtful Pieces



I invite you to read through what this die might be thinking and vote for your favorite (I’ll number them so you can just reference them by that.)

1. Even when she rolled out of bed with her lowest numbers on top Dina never felt as trim as her cousin Margaret.

2. The three-way mirrors made Dina wonder if that second slice of pie was a good idea.

3. Margaret’s new wonder bra really did lift and separate.

4. Dina thought Margaret’s weight loss had gone too far.

5. Dina always envied her taller, thinner cousin.

6. Maybe all she needed were a push up bra and a cinched waist to look as glamorous as her cousin Margaret.

7. She would die to have Margaret’s figure. 

8. Dina had heard about domino orgies where they’d all lay down together. she preferred to roll with just one partner. Though the Yatzees on her dad’s side were rumored to shake things up sometimes.

Exploring Society 6 (aka Adventures in Marketing)



Well, I’m clearly late to the party, but I got around to posting a few images on Society 6 for purchase. If you are unfamiliar with the site, it is a neat collection of disparate artists who partner with S6 to reproduce their images on various products; tote bags, t-shirts, stretched canvas, framed prints, note cards, phone cases, you name it.

I have read about it on several people’s blogs and was intrigued. I’ve just dipped my toe in the water… and the water is unexpectedly deep. For instance, in order to offer your art on specific products you have to take the time to format each image to exactly the pixelization they specify. I’m sure this is easy for the tech savvy, but I don’t count myself among them. (It’s why I choose to spend hours hand carving stamps!) I also need to take more care in getting high quality shots of my art (rather than the ones I snap with my phone at the end of the night.)

Still, I’m of the philosophy, “ready, fire, aim!” In other words, you have to dive in to figure it out and spend some time floundering about in the water. If you wait to pull the trigger until you think you know all the details, the target will keep shifting and you’ll never get things underway (to mix metaphors) . So, without further adieu…. drum roll please… I welcome you to explore my newest marketing venture through Society 6. (The one image will lead you to the others so you can poke around a bit.)

More shameless self-promotion to come!

Best Bookstore in the World



I am on vacation this week in Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN. Tonight we stopped in the quirkiest, best stocked, most fun kid’s bookstore I’ve ever been to. Wild Rumpus. The magic starts with a small purple door set into the full-size one for pint-size customers to enter. The magic continues when  you are greeted by one of the several Minx cats that stroll around the store with confidence. But the best part is Bellina the chicken who struts around freely, browsing for the perfect book to read. There are several other critters – guinea pigs, lizards, chinchillas, birds, fish. I would go even if I didn’t have a little person.

Into the Canopy



Trees are hard. I mean they’re hard to draw. At first they seem simple. But it is precisely this simplicity that is deceptive. For if you believe this seduction you will end up with a cartoon. Sort of what a stick figure is to a human portrait. It is tree’s randomness alongside their symmetry that makes them so beautiful… and so difficult to capture.

This is my first attempt at a scene from my friend’s story where Goya, the cat, is looking up at the great cathedral of trees above her.