As the Crow Flies



I’m working on a clutch of crows for my friend’s story. I love crows and ravens for their simplicity and graphic quality. Yet when I did this guy in pure silhouette he lost all readable form and turned more “blobular.” By adding just a few lines I think he gained depth and interest.


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  1. He is a chubby crow! You caught the alertness in his eye, and the wings are very expressive of “crow.” You are very good at making these stamps! I remember that tool – and what a mischief it would do if you clipped your hand with it – ouch!

    I enjoy the less is more issue with the stamps – just as I enjoy seeing how a few lines can express so much in a well done illustration. The sum of the lines brings out so much more than I expect – magic!

    Nice work,

    • Thank you for those kind words. The tool remains the one you remember, but the material is a soft, yielding rubber that is easy to work with. I’d like to perpetuate the idea that I was dancing with danger, but alas, my concentration is left for the design.


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