Thoughtful Pieces



I invite you to read through what this die might be thinking and vote for your favorite (I’ll number them so you can just reference them by that.)

1. Even when she rolled out of bed with her lowest numbers on top Dina never felt as trim as her cousin Margaret.

2. The three-way mirrors made Dina wonder if that second slice of pie was a good idea.

3. Margaret’s new wonder bra really did lift and separate.

4. Dina thought Margaret’s weight loss had gone too far.

5. Dina always envied her taller, thinner cousin.

6. Maybe all she needed were a push up bra and a cinched waist to look as glamorous as her cousin Margaret.

7. She would die to have Margaret’s figure. 

8. Dina had heard about domino orgies where they’d all lay down together. she preferred to roll with just one partner. Though the Yatzees on her dad’s side were rumored to shake things up sometimes.


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