The problem with inspiration is that it tends to lead me down the garden path to explore yet another intriguing technique, idea, application, etc. This isn’t all bad. It just takes me longer to get where I’m going (or changes the course several times completely!) 

I’ve got all these stamps swimming around in my head and I’m still figuring out how I want to use them. I’ve been thinking a lot about layering. I want to add complexity without the image getting muddled. I love the look of simple, doodle-style drawings combined with watercolor. So, I’m starting to experiment with creating some “worlds” for my characters with this effect.

As always, I’m having a great time. I just fear that I’ll be 80 by the time all my divergent explorations come together into one project.


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  1. That totally happens to me. I’m a jack of all crafts, master of none. I think it’s a bit of ADHD, actually, but as long as I’m having fun I don’t care what I end up with or how long it takes me to get there.

  2. So . . . paint the background, scan it and then try the stamps either on a printed copy or scan the stamps too and fiddle around with where they should go. You have got to use that darn Photoshop or something else so you will not be 80 when you get done with this idea. Don’t worry, it will still take close to forever to get it right – ultimately, you won’t feel you have shirked your artistic duty!
    Good luck and HiHo,

      • Are you sure? Maybe I have insulted a hands on kind of work that I love/like? However you do what you do – I really like the result.

        I was stuck with using “real” images one time – then I realized I could reuse things freely with Photoshop. Easy and kind of fun!

        My respect and my best,

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