The Rainbow Always Leads Home



I’m not highly political. But as soon as I made my little row house stamps I knew there was one card I had to make with them.

Marriage equality interests me because it is such an obvious right and one that falls into my pro-choice beliefs. You live as you wish. I’ll live as I wish. It is the newest frontier in civil rights. My belief and fervent hope is that my son will think it odd when he grows up that marriage equality was ever an issue, much as going to school with different races was an assumed for me, but a complete shift from just a generation before.

I wanted to make something joyful instead of heavy. There is no reason a couple has to be married or gay to give or receive this card. It’s just fun. But I am also aware of what the rainbow has come to represent and I used these colors with intention.

Welcome home EVERYONE!



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  1. I really like this card. The houses remind me of my own city. And the issue is one that has been in my mind recently – my son just attended the wedding of friends, 2 young men. I have met them in the past and I wished them a lot of happiness and I sent them hand knitted dishcloths for a gift!

  2. This is lovely. I have been carving my own stamps recently, but my main problem is printing from them. Sorry if you’ve mentioned this elsewhere in your blog, but what carving material and ink pads did you use for this? πŸ™‚

    • No problem. I use Speed Ball’s Speedy Carve. It’s pink rubber that comes in various sizes. I like the 6 x 11. You need to trim the edges because they slope ever so slightly meaning that if you carve your image right up to the edge the surface won’t be even. I use a few different ink pads, all of them pigment based (rather than dye based). I like Color Box and Versa Color.

      • Ah that’s good to know! I have used ‘soft cut’ because it was cheaper than speedy carve, but softer than lino. I will try pigment ink, but in the past I’ve found it doesn’t always dry. I haven’t tried heat setting it though. Do you heat set yours? I haven’t tried those brands.

        I’ll put a photo of my carvings up at some point πŸ™‚ I’ve made some great background stamps using funky foam too πŸ™‚

      • I don’t heat set them. I just allow them to air dry. I do know people tend to use pigment inks for their ability to be embossed, but I like their crisp outline. 


      • Only versa fine is water proof once dried, which is fun because you can water color over it. But I still haven’t had any smudge problems w the others.

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