Little Pink Houses (and green and red and purple and…)



I can’t stop carving houses! It seems to be a problem – maybe a crutch to keep me from doing anything else. They are fun and satisfying and I keep finding *just* one more that want to add to the line up.

Of course, to the outsider’s eye it looks like a gaggle of kids where you loose track of their ages and mix them up on the annual Christmas card. But to me they are all individuals with different qualities. For instance, tonight’s addition isn’t even Victorian architecture and would never be found on the same row as the rest. I enjoy geeky anachronistic inside references only a nerd would catch.

I have one or two more houses in the queue that are calling my name. After that I vow to mix and match them with some of my animals to create a neighborhood. That should be fun!



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  1. Oh my the tool again! My hand hurts. THESE HOUSES ARE WONDERFUL! I have probably told you this already – but just in case! I loved the rainbow of houses! Just keep making houses until you are done – there is little someone could do that is better than this!

      • They are very wonderful – you could make a whole board game out of your stamps! The houses are so classic – they will always look new and old – which is ideal!

  2. I also like the juxtaposition of the printed house (I will not longer say stamped, I just won’t, these are tiny printing plates as far as I can see) with the photo.

    They are all just great.

    • I usually do a test print next to the source photo I worked from, mostly because the paper is easily accessible, but it is giving me thoughts of mixing photos with the stamps. I have so many ideas, so much to learn and still only 24 hours in a day. How does that happen?

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