Straddling Two Worlds



I want to deepen my illustrations by adding water color and collage. I want that in my mind, but when it comes to actually doing it I freeze up a bit and fall back on old habits. I am more comfortable sticking with the familiar if I can be more sure of the results, which goes without saying if you choose a technique you have done dozens of times before. New materials represent the unknown and that is awkward and the outcome is usually amateur at first. So, here I go. Making some stilted art in hopes of getting to a more layered and interesting place.


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  1. Sometimes it is nice to take a class or follow instructions – it forces me to do something I am interested in and do it in a way that is new. This may sound very elementary, but you might find some inspiration on YouTube – how others do what they do? Then just as an experiment do what they do, not that you will end up doing things their way – but it is sort of fun to step into someone else’s style – it gets me going in a new direction – even though ultimately I am bad at following along precisely.
    Just a little thought,

    • Your completely right. I took a very inspiring book altering class that did exactly that. It jumped started my overall creativity rather than following a particular technique. And I watched a LOT of videos on stamp carving before I even picked up the tools. It’s sort of comforting. Like watching exercise videos from the comfort of your couch, some part of you believes greatness could happen, if you just applied yourself.


      • Well, greatness could come about with that deadly tool! You do understand that my fear of that thing is not a dream – I really got cut by that terrible gouger. So you have gone the taking a class route – oh well, that is my only idea.
        Wash away with the watercolors,

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