Up on a Hill (Sketching it Out)



My friend’s story has a cat and a dog who are both white as the central characters. If I were illustrating them using line drawings this would be no problem, but when stamping, it is more of a challenge. I tried roughing it out on butcher paper instead of white paper and think that may be (at least part of) the solution. The other thing I experimented with is using watercolor over the stamped image. This helps give more dimension to them as well as integrating the watercolor used in the background. The cat has black markings in the story and that is another challenge I tried to address using paint detail.

There are two dogs because I was trying to see if I could solve the problem of scale between the cat and the dog without carving a new one of either of them. They are supposed to be sitting together on a hill, but as we all know a cat’s idea of “together” is a little more distant than most.


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    • Thank you so much. The bricks are fun to stamp because they are sort of like playing Tetras, fitting them together. Plus there is the added gratification that I had carved the window and bricks long ago and get to use them in another application.


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